It is sad to admit that unfortunately there are just some places you can’t bring a dog, your honeymoon, the hospital, on a business trip or just to relax on family vacation.
There are also times when it is more convenient to have your dog not at home because of events that may be stressful to them such as an evening with friends, fireworks on a holiday, an overnight party for your kids or renovations around the house.

It’s helpful to have a place you trust in your back pocket when you have to separate from your canine companion.
And the worst time to look for that place is at the last minute.
Even before you become a pet owner you should begin thinking about contingency planning in case you have to be away.

Trust your nose when you are visiting a potential pet day care or kenneling facility.
The best facilities have special ventilation systems that lessen the aroma of too much pet.
And while you are at it, make sure that the entire place is clean and orderly.
Pets Paradise gives facility tours, so you can make a visit prior to when you are planning to leave your pet.
If a facility is hesitant about giving you a tour or if the tour seems to omit areas other than the actual play group with parts in open play, then this is a warning sign.

Look at the climate control of kenneling facilities as pet businesses should have adequate temperature controls indoors to combat extreme heat or cold weather.
All responsible kenneling and pet day care providers will ask you about your pet’s vaccinations and will require proof of certain shots.

On the tour, make sure you can see how and where your pet will sleep.
Pets are den animals and prefer “safe” space so open sleep arrangements often do not permit your furry family to fully rest.
When pets are not rested, just like kids the day after a slumber party, they can become grumpy and clumsy leading to injuries so having a contained, safe space for your pet to rest while kenneling is essential.

While it is ok to feel sad and mopey when you leave your beloved family, doing so can cause your pet to sense your discomfort and become upset.
Keep the goodbyes short and sweet just like any other fun day at day care and you can come back to find that your pet enjoyed his “vacation” just as much as you did!

Pets Paradise is a luxury pet kenneling facility of world class standard situated in Brentwood Park, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

We offer the best pet care for short, medium and long term pet kenneling.

Our loving touch, stress free environment and pristine hygiene ensure that your pets will be returned to your care in the very best condition.
We are able to offer this superior pet kenneling service as a result of the limited number of kennel suites built on the kennel grounds which enables us to give each precious pet its own personalized attention throughout the day.

The pet kenneling facilities are secure, alarmed and well-lit at night.

24/7 overnight onsite supervision ensures your pets enjoy a safe, secure and comfortable time with us while their pet-family is away.
Individual pet care is available during the day for dogs and cats in a separate area away from other pets and distractions.
Ideal for puppies not ready to play with other dogs or senior dogs and cats who would rather be left alone.


Spacious Accommodation
Private Facilities
Family Facilities
Tender and Loving Care
Heated Kennels
Professional Supervision

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